Eligible Products:

For the purpose of this Contest, the following models are individually referred to as “Eligible Stoper Pepper Spray”: 

▪ Stoper STS001 Maximum Strength (1 entry)

▪ Stoper STS002 Double Shot (2 entries)

▪ Stoper STS004 Glow In Dark (3 entries)

▪ Stoper STS010 Crossfire 16-feet Range (5 entries)

Contest Specifics:

▪ The Contest period begins from 12:00am on 21st December 2015 to 11:59pm on 27th March 2016.

▪ Participants must have purchased an Eligible Stoper Pepper Spray as stated above from authorized dealers between 21st December 2015 to 27th March 2016 to participate in the Contest.

▪ All complete Submissions must be received at or before the end of the Contest Period.

▪ Participants MUST retain their proof of purchase to claim their prize.

Contest Submission:

STEP 1 Purchase an eligible Stoper Pepper Spray.

STEP 2  Fill in your particulars in the requisite contest form at 

     www.stopercontest.com or facebook.com/stoper.malaysia

STEP 3    Watch out for our announcement of prize winners.


Weekly Prizes

▪ One (1) Weekly Prize of RM1,000 cash will be given out each week.

▪ A total of fourteen (14) Weekly Prizes will be given out throughout the Contest period. Limit to one prize per winning Participant.

Grand Prize Winner

▪ One (1) Grand Prize of a 6D/4N Korea Trip for two (2) plus RM2,000 cash expenses will be given out on a date notified by the Organiser. Limit to one prize per winning Participant.

For more details, please read the full terms and conditions here.